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Handmade Antler Jewelry

Loving Expressions Antler Jewelry is a unique line of hand crafted jewelry created using deer antler, found right here in Alberta!  All of our pieces are made from naturally shed Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, and Elk antler- which we find on the ground each spring.  Once we find the antlers, they are brought back to our studio, cleaned up, cut to size, sanded down and sealed with a clear coat.  As each antler is unique, each piece of antler in our jewelry is one of a kind! 

Elk Antler In The Snow

These gifts from nature are all always a real treat to find, and we spend a lot of time walking and searching the vast Alberta wilderness near our home, hoping to find our antler pieces. 


As the animals begin to grow their racks back, so they can prepare for the next mating season, we’re working hard to in our studio to ensure each antler is made, with love, into a beautiful piece.

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