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Welcome to the Loving Expressions Website

Looking for something unique?

We are Loving Expressions, a collection of handmade greeting cards and jewelry.  From our Antler jewelry to our greeting cards, each piece is inspired by nature, connections and joy, and are made to share some happiness!

We are a small studio, based out of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.  It's always an adventure out here on our acreage, but its also so rewarding to see our animals thrive, the jewelry get created, and happy mail be sent.

Looking for an extra special antler gift or a personalized card?  Drop us a line and we'll be happy to help!

New Items

Created from naturally shed antler, our jewelry is one of a kind!  Each piece of antler is hand cut, sanded, cleaned, and sealed with a clear coat before being made into each individual piece or pair.

We have plenty of options available, to suit all tastes, but if you don't see what you're looking for, we invite you to contact us to discuss a custom piece, made just for you.


This is where the adventure started!  Our handmade greeting cards are made individually, so they are as unique as the message they carry.

Check out the Greeting Cards page for more fun and unique papercraft and stationery options.

The Loving Expressions Embrace Jewelry Line

Loving Expressions Embrace- handmade jewelry, designed for everybody and every body!  

From bracelets created for curvy girls, to plastic earring options, we aim to be able to provide great nature inspired accessory options for everyone.

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