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Heart Month

It's February, which means Heart Month is upon us!  

Loving Expressions is once again proud to show our support in education, awareness, treatment and research of cardiovascular disease

Heart Month Necklaces

These are Loving Expressions Heart Health Awareness necklaces.  They are created with love to serve two very important purposes!  Each necklace worn displays awareness and support of heart health.  As well, these necklaces can help save lives as with each necklace sold, proceeds will be donated to the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. You can order your necklace here to show your support for Heart Health ♥ 

Vasculature of the Heart

A Little Bit Of Background

Here at Loving Expressions, heart health is something we believe strongly in.  Not just because of our wonderful Jason, who is the strong man he has become because of the teams at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (that is a huge part of it), but because we've seen first hand what research and modern medicine can do. 

When I am not creating fun jewelry and beautiful greetings, I spend my days instructing First Aid and CPR.  Not only do I believe in the importance of education and awareness, it's continues to be such an honor for me to provide the tools for folks to help if the time ever comes. Education and prevention are by far our best defense against cardiac diseases.   

Below are some great resources for those wanting more information on how you can learn more about heart health, prevention, and first aid.

Shop Heart Health Awareness Necklaces

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Caring Child
Caring Child


Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute:

Information on heart health, prevention, care and so much more, check out:

Heart and Stroke Canada:

World Health Organization:

Information on First Aid and CPR training near you:

St. John Ambulance:

Heart and Stroke Canada:

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